Ten websites to get free stock photos

There are lots of sites with great stock photos, and they don’t cost a dime. Awesome isn’t it? In this post, we would look at some of those websites that you can get free stock photos.

  1. Unsplash. Unsplash offers an extensive collection of great stock photos. It has also become one of the best sources of stock images. All stock photos are released for free under the Unsplash license.
  1. StockSnap.io. Stocksnap.io also has a large collection of great stock photos. The website has a convenient search feature which makes it very easy to browse through thousands of photos available. Apart from that, it has side track views and downloads so that you can find the most trending photos available.
  1. Burst (By Shopify). Burst offers free stock photos for all entrepreneurs. All of the photos are licensed under creative commons CC0 which means they can be used as you like. Burst was initially created to help entrepreneurs in their websites, product brands and marketing campaigns. Most of the photos from burst are original pictures. You can find different types of images (general or business oriented).

  1. Death to stock photos. Death to stock photos offers you an extensive collection of great photos. Its goal is to bring you a variety of options that you can use for your social media, blog posts or mockups. What’s more? The website uses their license which you can easily read on their site.
  1. New Old Stock. New Old Stock offers an extensive collection of vintage photos for free of copyright restrictions.
  1. Pixabay. Pixabay also provides large collection of stock photos. All of the photos are also licensed under the Creative Common CC0.
  1. StyledStock. StyledStock offers an extensive collection of free feminine stock photos for every entrepreneur (majorly women entrepreneurs). The photos are free and are beneficial for personal and commercial works.
  1. Kaboom Pics. Kaboom Pics offers a large collection of high-resolution free stock photos including food, fashion, city, architecture, abstract, landscapes and so on. The free stock photos can be used for commercial and personal works, but it cannot be sold or redistributed.
  1. Picjumbo. Picjumbo offers free stock photos for commercial and personal works. The pictures categories include nature, technology, fashion, abstract and so much more.
  1. FoodiesFeed. FoodiesFeed offers an extensive collection of free food high-resolution photos. It is a great site for food bloggers.

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